Out of the Deeps

A crack opens in the earth. A thing crawls out.

I back away in horror as it collapses in a quivering heap. “What are you?” I ask.

It mumbles something.

I move closer. “Did you say ‘blob’?”

The thing lifts its head. “I said ‘blog.’ Your blog.”

“Oh.” I crouch beside it. “I thought you were dead.”

“You thought you’d killed me. You sure tried to.”

“Oh. Well, sorry.” I sigh and sit back on my heels. “I didn’t realize blogs were so hard to kill.”

“Believe me, some of us would rather die.” The thing rolls over on its side. “Now do me a favor and hush up. I’ve been crawling after you for a month. I need my beauty sleep.”

“No joke,” I mutter.